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What is Garden Gym? How to install it?

What is Garden Gym?

 Garden Gym is simply when you install Gym set up in your garden.

You can also call it Home Gym.

Does it require permission?

No, Garden Gym doesn’t require permission. Anyone can set up Home Gym without any planning permission. This makes it easier to install.

What are the necessary equipment or machines to install garden gym? And what are their prices?

Pull up Bar – 50 $*

 garden gym - Pull up bar

Dumbell set – 80$*

 dumbell set

Resistance Band – 20$*

Leg extension Machine – 270$*

 leg extension machine

Gym rod – 20$* each

Tread Mill – 270$*

Gym bench – 40$*

 gym bench

(* These price may differ from brand to brand . And prices are as of 11 Nov, 2020.)

These are few equipment which you can opt from.

You can also go for Weight Training Compact Home Gym – 320$*

weight training compact home gym

(* This price may differ from brand to brand. And prices are as of 11 Nov 2020.)

Select equipment as per your convenience, garden size, fitness goal, budget, etc.

From where to purchase these equipments?

YOU can buy these from anywhere you want as these Gym equipment are readily available.

Example – Amazon, Decathalon, India Mart, Retail Shop, etc.

Advantages of installing a garden gym?

  • More convenient
  • Save time in traveling ( home to the gym and then gym to home )
  • Lesser distractions
  • Familiar environment
  • Cheaper – It may cost too much initially, but in the long run, it is way cheaper than a conventional Gym.
  • We can achieve good health

Any precaution while setting it up?

You have to make a shed for it otherwise it will rust but if you are setting it up inside your home you don’t need to do so.

How to use it?

There are many articles available on the internet from which you can learn how to make perfect use of it.

If you are not able to find one do let me know I will make a separate article on it.

I hope I have answered all your questions regarding the home gym/garden gym. If you still have some doubt, just comment down below. your brother will help you.

Are you installing it?

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