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Vajrasana is a kneeling posture associated with “Hatha Yoga” and Modern Yoga. [1]wikipedia.orgThis is one of the very few yoga poses which can be done immediately after the meal.

Vajrasana is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Vajra’ means “thunderbolt” or “diamond” and ‘Asana’ means “Seat”. It is also known as Thunderbolt Pose. [2]

This pose is mainly done to improve digestion, this pose restrict the blood flow to go to the Legs, thus more blood flow to the stomach and pelvic area, which aids the digestion process. [3]

How to do Vajrasana?

vajrasana method
  • Kneel down on the floor or use a yoga mat instead, if the floor is hurting.
  • Keep knees and ankles of both legs together.
  • Put thumb of right leg on the thumb of left leg.
  • Sit down on the heels, mean space between both the heels (wherever you feel comfortable).[4]wikihow
  • Place your both hands on the thighs.
  • Ensure that the spine is straight all the time. Imagine there is string on your head which is pulling you up[5]wikihow and at the same time hips must be in contact with legs.
  • Slowly inhale and exhale fully, focus your mind on breathing.
  • Hold the position for 5 – 10 minutes.

You can use pillow below your legs to make it more comfortable, because beginners may find it difficult to do.

But it is not difficult pose. Actually it is one of the easiest posture in Yoga. You will get habitual of it. Don’t worry.

Health Benefits of Vajrasana

Relief Lower Back Pain

Most of the people in their whole life suffer from back pain atleast once. Studies claim that Vajrasana reduces the back pain.

A study in which 12 people participated, divided into two groups. One group was yogic group and other one was “controll” group. Both group were advised for diet and lifestyle.

Effect of therapy was obverved at the starting and at the end of the result.

As a result that the group which was doing yogic practice have better effect on back pain relief.

Cardiovascular Strength

Vajrasana improves the cadiovascular strength.

In this study people above the age of 40 years participated. After that they were divided in two groups on group was doing yogic practice and other one was not doing it.

Results were analysed in respect to their sex, age and Body Mass Index.

And after 6 months as a result, that yogic group has low heart rate, systolic blood pressure (pressure in arteries when heart beats) and diastolic blood pressure (pressure in arteries when heart rests between beats).

Improves Digestion

Improves digestion is one of its’ major benefit.. Do this just after the meal.

This pose restrict the blood to flow to the legs, thus more blood flow to the stomach and pelvic region. More blood flow to stomach which remove the disorder and aids to digestion process.

Moreover this is one of the few which can be done immediately after a meal.

Calm the Mind and Body

This pose can help to achieve meditative state, if you focus on your breathe while doing this posture and forget about every thing, this is great exercise to meditate.

Regulation of breathe will give the sooting effect to the mind and will uplift the mood. Meditation will further increase the analytic, logical thinking and memory.

Increase the Ankle Strength

In this pose both of the ankles bent, which give them scope for flexibility.

Higher flexibility helps to increase ankle strength. [6]

Message Calf Muscle

Calf muscles strength influenced the body’s mobility to a great extent. Vajrasana messages and mobilizes the calves. [7]ndtv

Rejuvenate the Body

Vajrasana helps breathe (prana) to flow to every part of the body. Prana is very crucial to heal the body form inside. [8]

Contraindications of Vajrasana

  • If you have any type of knee or ankle issue, avoid this pose or do this pose under the guidance of an expert.
  • If its’ paining in this pose, release the pose and message the ankle and knees with the hands.
  • Pregnant women must consult the doctor before doing this.

Vajrasana has a lot of benefits if done properly under the expert guidance, you should keep that in mind.

Key Notes

Vajrasana is one of the few poses which can be done just after the meal. This pose aids digestion, helps to achieve meditative state, increase muscles mobility and many more benefits.

But keep in mind things give benefits when done correctly.

Stay stafe and Stay healthy!


This article provides general information only. It would be better if you consult an expert. It is not a substitute of an expert at all.

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