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Types of Diet, You must know

Diet is a regular plan of eating and drinking that an individual habitually consumes. Dieting is done mainly to increase, decrease, or to maintain a certain amount of weight.

Different people have different diets. Are they all eating a good diet? The simple to this question is NO. Not every diet is healthy.

A diet that contains a lot of fat and sugar is not considered to be a good diet health-wise. a diet that has junk food and diet in the western culture is not healthy.

Some people opt for a weight loss diet that drastically changes the daily diet regime. These diets are considered unhealthy and have low long-term benefits.[1]wikipedia.org

Factors that affect Diet


The most common factors that influence someone’s diet are – cultural and regional reasons, If some kind of crop grows most in that particular area, people tend to eat that more.

Ethical and environmental reasons affect diet. Many people have allergies to some food, so they avoid those food [2]heartfoundation.org.nz. If the doctor advised someone to eat or not eat some food, they will eat accordingly. Weather also influences the diet, some food is not meant for winters, and some are not for summers.

Last but not least Individual’s preference play a major role in deciding a diet. In this article we will discuss the different types of diet.

Let’s start this article “Types of diet” with a powerful quote related to weight loss diet.

“Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose”.

~ Karl Lagerfeld

Top 8 Types of Diet

types of diet

Blood Type Diet

Peter J. D’Adamo says that the food we eat reacts chemically in our bodies. If we eat a diet suitable for our blood type, food will digest more efficiently. And will provide us the strength, energy, weight management and will protect us from diseases. [3]webmd.com

Type A blood

Type A blood group has a sensitive immune system. These people should eat a diet based on fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and whole grains. Avoid the meat, rather focus on the turkey and tofu. 

Type B blood

Avoid eating tomatoes, peanuts, corn, wheat, and sesame seeds. These people should eat green vegetables, eggs, and low-fat dairy.

Chicken is also not advisable to eat.

Type AB blood

Type AB blood has low stomach acid, these people should avoid caffeine, alcohol, and smoked meats. Include tofu, seafood, dairy, and green vegetables in the diet.

Type O blood

These people are advised to eat food with high protein. Avoid dairy products, and to lose weight focus on spinach, red meat, seafood, and broccoli. [4]nutritioned.org

Raw Foodism

Raw food diet is also known as raw foodism is a diet that contains raws, uncooked or unprocessed food.

This food should not be refined, cooked, pasteurized, or processed in any way. In this diet, preparation methods change slightly, like you can eat food by blending, juicing, sprouting, soaking, or dehydrating.

The raw diet mainly comprises vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts.

Many people believe that cooked food is not healthy to eat. It kills the enzymes in it, Detroit the nutrient content, and reduces the life force. [5]healthline.com

Paleo Diet

It gets its name from the Paleolithic era because this diet similar to what they have eaten in that era (it ranges from 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago).

In this diet fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meat, fish (rich in omega 3) such as salmon and mackerel, olive oil, and walnut oil are eaten.

Foods to avoid are – grains, legumes, dairy products, added sugar, salt, and potatoes. High processed foods are also avoided. [6]mayoclinic.org

Vegan Diet

In a vegan diet, anything made from animals is eliminated. I have already mentioned the factors that influence diet. People choose the vegan diet because their family doesn’t eat it, it is not in their culture or religion.

People also opt for a vegan diet because they don’t like non-veg. This diet has many health benefits.

This reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, obesity, and hypertension. [7]nutritioned.org

But one thing you should keep in mind, that you are not eating non-veg so you have less protein in your diet. You must eat which are high in protein and vitamins to fulfill protein, and Vitamin B-12 needs.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is similar to what people in the Mediterranean ate. This diet prefers fish to meat.

General Mediterranean Diet includes fruits, vegetables, healthy fats (nuts, seeds, and olive oil), and whole grains, and a limited amount of red wine, dairy, meat, eggs, and fish.

It has many health benefits such as it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps in weight loss, and give better sleep. [8]medicalnewstoday.com

South Beach Diet

Next diet in the types of diet is South Beach Diet.

South Beach Diet is designed by Arthur Agatston in 2013. This is named after the beautiful area of Miami.

In general, this diet is low in carbs and high in healthy fats and fat. This diet will change your eating habits completely and it can be followed for a lifetime.

Since this is a diet low in carbohydrates it helps to reduce weight, and many health benefits such as it reduce blood cholesterol level. [9]mayoclinic.org

Atkins Diet

Atkins diet is the diet rich in proteins, and fats, and low in carbohydrates devised by Robert Atkins.

It emphasizes eating food high in protein like meat and eggs, and food high in fat such as butter, cream, and mayonnaise. And food rich in carbohydrates such as pasta, and bread are not advised to eat.

Low Carbs Diet

In low carbohydrates, you limit the intake of carbs, and carbs are replaced with vegetables, protein, and fats. This kind of eating habit is very healthy, and the doctor advised us to follow this diet. Many studies claim that low carbs diet results in weight loss.

Eat meat, vegetables, eggs, and healthy fat (such as butter), and avoid food high in carbs like potatoes, bread, candies, and pasta.

Importance of Right Diet?

importance of diet

An estimated 45 million Americans go on diet and spend nearly a 33billion$ on weight loss products. [10]bmc.org Still, they find it difficult to lose fat.

The marketing size of global weight management is USD 288.25 billion, will reach an estimated USD 442.3 billion in 2025. [11]grand view search report

If the industry is so big that means choosing the right is very necessary. Apart from this, how different diets have different merits and demerits, we have already discussed.

Which diet is best for you?

Many people have a belief that if any particular diet work for them it will work for everyone or if any particular does not work for them it is going to work for anyone.

But that’s not the reality, a diet that works best for me, may not work for you or vice-versa. A particular kind of diet does not work for everyone.

It may be difficult to choose among so many different types of diet, there is the thing you must keep in mind.

Chose a diet that works best for your body type, fitness goal, if you have some kind of allergies or medical issues rather than just going with the trend.


This article provides general information only. It would be better if you consult an expert. It is not a substitute for an expert at all.

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