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Top 10 Benefits of Push Ups

Sometimes it feels like why everyone is doing Push-ups? Everyone likes beginners or advanced level bodybuilders, male or female, and young or mid-aged. Is Push up the best exercise in the world? Or it is just a Hype? Here we will discuss the health benefits of Push-ups.

Benefits Of Push-Ups:

Muscle Stretching

I think it’s your first time you are reading about stretching as Push-ups benefits. We didn’t give much attention to it but actually, it is a great exercise for biceps and backstretch.

When we lower ourselves down our back gets efficient stretch and when we push ourselves up it gives stretch to our biceps muscle.

Ultimately makes our body more flexible. This not only prevents our back and biceps from injury it also gives an attractive look to both of these muscles.

So, for good body flexibility and toned muscle you should add Push-ups to your daily routine.

Full Body Workout

It is one of the best benefits of it. Push-ups are the whole Body workout, it engages every muscle group right from the toe to legs. As it takes more than one group of muscle to do Push-ups, it is called Compound Movement.

Any muscle group you name, Push-ups engage them. Ex-Biceps, Triceps, Glutes, Anterior Deltoids, and Core. These all muscles are engaged to support the body while stabilizing it.

There are many variations of Push-ups, which specifically target a particular muscle group more.

Diamond Push-ups– In the diamond Push-ups, hands are below the center of chest and forefingers and thumb of your both hands touching.

It engages the chest and triceps more.

Front Push-ups – In front Push-ups, hands are shoulder-width apart but a bit in front of the shoulders.

It engages the back and core muscles more specifically.

Backward Push-ups – In backward Push-ups, hands are still shoulder-width apart but a little below the shoulder length.

It also stimulates the back and core more, and overall it engages more muscles group.

Cardiovascular Strength

cardiovascular strength

As I have mentioned earlier, Push-ups are the compound movement that engages many major muscle groups. Your heart must work hard to supply oxygenated blood to muscle tissues.

A study in 2019 found the link between No. of Push-ups and the risk of cardiovascular health issues.

A total of 1104 Males took part in this study:

And they found a difference between people who had been able to do more than 40 Push-ups and those who had been able to do less than 10 Push-ups.

People who had been able to do more than 40 Push-ups are 96% less likely to have a cardiovascular issue than those who had been able to less than 10 Push-ups.

Although this Research only includes middle-aged males. So, it would require further Research for female, inactive, and aged males.

Prevents Shoulder Injury

rotator cuff injury

You must have heard about the rotator cuff injury, it is very common in older people, this is a very delicate part of the body, special care must be taken off.

Push-ups are proven to be a great exercise to protect shoulders from any injury. Although there are many reasons responsible for a shoulder injury to be taken care of and many ways to protect the shoulder from injury.

Push-ups strengthen the muscle group around the shoulder as they call upon stabilizing muscles around the rotator cuff.

By increasing the strength of muscle around the shoulder likelihood of having shoulder injury significantly lowers, especially in older adults.

Promotes HGH production

When we are young our body produces HGH ( Human Growth Hormone ) in an abundant amount to support natural body growth but as we grow older its’ production starts declining, that is why building muscles for old-aged people is very difficult.

Push-ups call upon many muscle groups i.e. primary and secondary muscles simultaneously. By engaging many muscles at a single time it triggers the production of HGH. More muscles engaged in the exercise more will be it’s’ produced.

Which ultimately results in muscle growth. So, if you want to gain some muscle mass try to add Push-ups to your routine.

Stronger Core

You must have noticed that some people can lift heavy and some can’t.

Although, this is happening because they are much stronger than others. But weak Core muscles (abdominis, obliques, and below pelvis area) are one of the reasons we are not able to lift heavy and sometimes many physical activities and strength exercises.

Start doing pushups to increase your core strength, so that you can lift heavy and do other exercises with little ease.

Increase Testosterone

As we grow older, the production of testosterone in males decreases. Many studies suggested that compound movement like Push-ups promotes testosterone production.

 And it also reduces the risk of Osteoporosis (a medical condition in which bones become fragile brittle due to loss of tissue) as it makes the bones stronger and denser.

Improve Posture

We spent most of the day in front of the computer screen (whether we are at home, school, or office), and we get hunched shoulders and a rounded spine.

As you know, this affects our posture badly in the long run, strong posture comes from a strong core that holds our shoulder and upper body in proper alignment.

And if Push-ups are done incorrectly form, they build a stronger core, and if we are doing Push-ups regularly our bad posture naturally becomes a good posture.

Balanced Body

Push-up improve our reaction time as it trains our Proprioceptive muscle fiber. Proprioceptive muscle fibers are responsible for the body’s balance. When we do Push-up these microscopic nerves work constantly to prevent our body from falling.

 This trains them to respond more quickly to any stimuli which ultimately improves their balance and speed.

Prevent Muscle loss

As we grow older, our muscle mass decreases. And we can’t do the activities which we used to do because our body is losing strength. Push-up helps to maintain (if not increase) the muscle mass and strength that we lose due to aging.

Other benefits of Push-ups:

No requirement for any equipment.

Saves time – As you don’t need to commute to the gym.

Cheaper Option – No gym membership and equipment cost.


If you are looking for that one exercise that

Improves Balance

Stretch Muscles

Increase Cardiovascular Strength

Increases Testosterone and HGH

Improve body posture, speed, and balance

Make Core strong

And is a full-body workout then you should definitely add Push-ups to your daily routine.

Start with only 3 sets of 8 reps and increase gradually, you will definitely see a change in your body.


This article provides general information only. It would be better if you consult a gym trainer or medical expert. It is not a substitute of a medical expert at all.


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