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Squats And Lunges, Method And Benefits

Everyone aspires for good strength in legs, round booty, curves and strong core. And I know you are one of them. Apart form above benefits Squats and lunges are functional exercise, they make our daily routine activities easy ex- playing cricket, picking stuff from upper shelf etc.

Squats and Lunges help to make core strong and core ultimately leads to good posture and better strength. They also reduce the risk of injuries. You must add squats and lunges to your routine.



Many people believe that squat is “King of all Exercise”. I strongly believe that they are right. Squats strengthen the core, helps in losing fat, prevent injuries, builds muscle in the lower body, and beneficial for athletes.

They are many ways to do squats, you should start with regular squat and then move on to other types of squats.

How to do Squats

Stand straight with legs shoulder-width apart, feet pointing outward. Then bend your knees and lower your hips until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Try to keep your knees over the feet (if they are going forward don’t worry they will be back in the required position as you progress). Then start lifting yourself up, pushing by the heels.

Keep your back straight in the entire movement. And your whole feet must be in contact with the floor all the time.

You can add variation in squats as per your fitness goal, muscle target, and your progress.

Muscles Target:






Benefits of Squats:

Stronger Lower Body and Core

Squats mainly target the core and lower body i.e. glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and quads. If we do squat regularly it will make our lower body strength.

Cardiovascular Strength

Squat is also a workout that engages many muscles at the same point in time. It forces our heart to work hard to supply oxygen-rich blood to tissues.

It reduces the chances of getting heart-related diseases.

Reduces the Risk of Injuries

The squat will make our lower body, joints, and ankle strong which decreases the likelihood of getting injuries while doing any physical activity.

Functional Exercise

Functional activity is that activity that helps to do the daily task with little ease. For Ex. – Activities like putting something on the upper shelf, moving to another room/house. etc. The squat will also make you competent for daily and environmental activities.

No need for equipment

One of the greatest advantages of Squat is they can be done without any equipment. There is nothing pre-requisite thing in the squat. Regular push-ups do not even require a resistance band.


You no more need to commute to the gym, you can do squats at the comfort of your home.



A Lunge is a position in which one leg is placed forward with a foot flat on the floor and another leg is placed behind. Lunges are considered to be harder than squats. So, if you are a newcomer, you should start with squats.

Lunges will help you to strengthen and tone your core, butt, and legs. They will not only make them look good, but they will also make them strong to support your upper body (it improves balance).

How to do Lunges?

Stand straight with legs shoulder-width apart, take a long stride forward with the foot of forwarding leg flat on the floor and then lower your body down until your front leg is parallel to the ground. Push by the forward leg’s heel and get back to start position. Repeat it with the other leg.

Your back must be straight throughout the movement. The whole foot of the plant leg must befall flat on the ground.

You can also do backward lunges, and they are quite easier than the regular ones.

Muscles Target:






Back muscles

Benefits of Lunges:

Better Balance

Lunges work on many muscles at the same point of time, it also includes the secondary muscles which stabilize the body in the whole process. Strong muscles help to make the body more balanced.

Make core and lower body strong

The primary target of lunges is the core and lower body viz. quads, hamstrings, calves and Quads, lunges make them stronger, ultimately it makes the lower body stronger.

Good for glutes

Lunges is the one best exercise to work on glutes, it will help to make botty round and strong.

Help us to do daily tasks with ease (functional exercise)

Like Squats, Lunges are also functional exercise, they make our daily life activities easy and make our body more competent for outer surroundings and environment.

Key Notes

There is no such thing as which one is better, it completely depends on you, how you perceive them. What is the fitness goal, program your exercise structure as per requirement. Squats and Lunges both help to build a better lower body, strong core, and also make them look good.

And they are easy to do, you can do a regular one without any equipment.

Start with Squats and then add Lunges. Afterward, you will be able to do both of them. You should also try their variations.

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This article provides general information only. It would be better if you consult an expert. It is not a substitute of an expert at all.

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