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Squats and Deadlifts, which one is better?

Squats and deadlifts both are great exercises for lower body muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth), strength, and shape.

In Squat you have to lower yourself down bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground, and then get back to the start position.

In Deadlift, you have to lift the barbell from the ground to near waist height keeping your back straight, and then lower it down.

This is Simple right, but we have questions like which one is better, can we do both on the same day, and many other questions. That’s a pretty common thing to have.

In this article we will address the following questions:

How to do Squats and Deadlifts?

Benefits of both?

Which one is better?

Can we do both in the same training session?

You can directly go to the particular question that you want to know by clicking that query in the table of content.



The deadlift is a short name for “Dead Weight Lift” because you have to lift the dead weight with no momentum from the ground to your waist height (near to waist height). In this exercise concentric (lifting) part is the main rather than the eccentric (lowering down) part. Most of the exercises focus more on the eccentric part.

How to do Deadlifts?

Take the barbell and put on the weights. Weight should only be increased when you are fine with lower weight and you can do the lifts with correct form.

Stand near the barbell. Your feet must half under the barbell and the barbell almost touching your leg.

Lower yourself down, keeping your back straight, bending the knees (like a squat), and grip the bar with one hand facing up and one hand facing down, this is known as Mixed Grip.

You can also grip the bar with both hands facing upward which is known as an Overhand grip.

Lift the weight, straighten your knees until your hands are straight near to your hips height.

Remember you must lift the bar till your hands are not straight that may be the height near the hips, Don’t’ try to lift weight more than this height.

By squatting down return to the start position, keeping back straight throughout the movement, and bend your knees to lower the weight down.

That’s one rep of it. You can go for low to medium weight 3 sets of 6 – 8 reps and high weight 3 sets of 4 – 5 reps. It totally depends on you.

You can increase or decrease the weights, repetitions, and sets according to your fitness level, strength, and experience.

Muscles Target

Primary Target




Secondary or Stabilizers









Benefits of Deadlifts:

Cardiovascular Strength

Deadlift engages so many muscles at the same point of time, which forces our heart to work hard to supply oxygen-rich blood to tissues, which ultimately improves cardiovascular ability.

Cardiovascular Strength will reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and many fatal heart-related diseases.

Glutes Activation

Since we are discussing both Deadlifts and squats, I have to say that deadlifts work better for glutes. Although Squat engages glutes too deadlift is the better option.

Add them to exercises like cable kickback, hip thrust, and glute bridge to get the nice round glutes.

Make Core Strong

Muscles targeted by deadlifts are mostly core muscles and back muscles. The deadlift is a great way to make core strong.

Core muscle makes daily life tasks easy like walking, running even standing.

Core muscle affects posture to a great extent. Strong core muscle will also improve posture.

Promotes Testosterone and HGH Production

This is the exercise that will definitely help you to increase hormones in your body like “Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

High HGH and Testosterone make muscle building easy, increase sex drive, and improve endurance.

Functional Exercise

Functional Exercises are those which not only help in the gym or build muscles, they will also help you outside the gym. This will help you in meeting the needs of daily life and surrounding.

Ex – Putting some stuff on the upper shelf, shifting boxes, etc.

Muscle Building

The deadlift will engage almost every muscle, I have already mentioned that it targets the back, shoulders, glutes, traps, and lats. Since you do deadlift regularly you will definitely see the change in your body, your muscle is growing.

And this was very obvious we all go to the gym to build our muscles. So, next time when you hit the gym don’t forget deadlifts.



Many people considered “squats” as the king of all exercise. I strongly believe the same. Let’s not waste time in wasteful conversation and directly hop into the method of squatting.

How to do Squats?

Stand straight with legs shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and lower your hips down until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Then get back to the start position. That’s one rep of it.

Do 3 sets of 15reps.

You can increase the repetitions and sets as you progress. There are many variations of squats, you can add weight, do a single leg squat, etc. you should give them a try as they give you all-around growth.

Muscle Target:






Benefits of Squat:

Stronger Lower Body and Core

As I already mentioned that Squat mainly targets the core and lower body i.e. glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and quads. If we do squat regularly it will make our lower body strength.

To get the stronger calves you also need to do other calf muscles building isolation exercises such as Barbell Calf Raise.

Cardiovascular Strength

Squat is also a workout that engages many muscles at the same point in time. It forces our heart to work hard to supply oxygen-rich blood to tissues.

It reduces the chances of getting heart-related diseases.

Reduces the Risk of Injuries

The squat will make our lower body, joints, and ankle strong which decreases the likelihood of getting injuries while doing any physical activity.

Functional Exercise

As we have already discussed functional activity, Squat will also make you competent for daily and environmental activities.

No need for equipment

If you are looking for an exercise that can make your legs fit without going to the gym, then Squat is that exercise which you can do at home without any equipment.


Because you do not need to commute to the gym, it will save you time too.

Squats and Deadlifts. Which one is better?

First of all, we are asking the wrong question. The correct questions should be “1st. Which one is better for me and 2nd can’t I do both”?

Now you know the answer to 1st question, the other person can’t decide what is good for you. As you have already read the benefits and methods of both Squats and Deadlifts. Take your time and decide which suits you the best.

The answer to the 2nd question is “Yes”, you can opt for both. You can do squats on one day and deadlifts on the other day.

Now you must be wondering “Can’t we do them both on the same day?” Lets’ discuss.

Squats and Deadlifts in the same training session:

The simple answer to this question is “Yes, you can do both in the same training session”.

It completely depends on your goals, you can alter the program per your fitness goal. But do Squats at first and then Deadlifts.

Moreover, Squats and Deadlifts almost activate the same muscle, it would be good if you do them on the same day but that does not mean that training them on different days is not a wise choice, both work great.

But the problem is that after completing the squats you will have lesser energy and it can affect your deadlifts, you may not be able to deadlifts to your potential.

Key Notes

Squats and Deadlifts are a very good exercise to target the lower body and core. You can also do both on the same day. Both have many other benefits than just bodybuilding. So, what are you waiting for? Start workout.

And if you have a query you can ask me without any hesitation and if you have any suggestion do let me know, I will appreciate it.




This article provides general information only. It would be better if you consult an expert. It is not a substitute of an expert at all.


My name is Kunal Koli . I am doing my BBA from Ambedkar University Delhi ( AUD) . I am from Delhi , India . I am passionate for Yoga and fitness. Without health, wealth has no meaning. And I am also learning Digital Marketing because Digital is the future. And I don’t want to get lost somewhere in obsolete World.

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