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Preacher Curl | Amazing Exercise

For those who want to build big biceps, Preacher Curl is a must-do exercise. Those who go to the gym or workout at home know that everyone asks about the biceps growth secret.

Hey, you are going to the gym for so long, you must have those big Biceps. And you are like, why the hell is he exited more than me?

But there is a catch, and you will only receive these types of compliments when you have big biceps. Don’t worry I am here to help you.

I will be telling you, how you can build big Biceps with the help of Preacher Curl, mistake to avoid while doing this exercise, and its’ many benefits.


Preacher Curl is the exercise in which the practitioner uses the downward slanted surface to place his/her arms and elbows.

But don’t simply avoid those regular curls, a mix of both will give you the desired result.

You must take the weight lower than you use in regular curls. A bench makes it harder to lift heavy [1] hands placed on the bench make it harder, so first get use-to of the lower weights then shift to heavier ones.

How to do Preacher Curl?

  • Sit properly on the preacher curl bench.
  • Place your upper arms over the edge of that downward slanted surface, adjust the height of the bench accordingly.
  • Hold the weights with the underhand grip (hands facing upward).
  • Curl your hands up and pause at the top and feel the contraction in the biceps.
  • Then slowly lower them down till your hands are fully extended.

Do this lowering part slowly, eccentric movement will have a great result on muscle hypertrophy. [2] benefits of eccentric movement

Although you should always do the movement slowly so that you can feel the contraction.

Beginners – Do 3sets of 10 repetitions with low to medium weights.

Advanced – 3sets of 10 reps with medium to heavyweights.

Increase the intensity by progressively overload.

Muscle Target

biceps muscles

Biceps Brachii – Two-headed muscle, the largest muscle that lies between the shoulder and elbow. [3]an article on biceps brachii

Brachialis – It lies deeper to the biceps brachii, and it makes the floor of the region. [4] – brachialis

Brachioradialis – Muscles at the forearm that flexes the forearm at the elbow. [5] Brachioradialis – Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

Benefits of Preacher Curl

benefits of preacher curl

No use of momentum

It is the privilege we get in the preacher curl but not in the regular standing curl. While doing the regular curls, there are chances you are lifting the weight with momentum.

One of the reasons, that regular curls are easy to do. But that not the case with preacher curl.

In this, you curl your hand in the stable position [6] stability is a very crucial factor, which makes them controlled and leave next to zero space for use of momentum to lift.

Because you are not using any kind of momentum, this will have a great result on your bicep’s hypertrophy.

Proper Form

As I have mentioned earlier these curls leave no space for momentum.

You can’t swing your arms to lift the weight. This will help you to maintain a correct form and you will be able to engage your biceps more effectively. [7] hard to swing hands in preacher curl

Proper form will further help you to reduce the risk of injuries.

Great exercise for Biceps

There is no doubt that preacher curl is a great exercise for the biceps. In this workout biceps and arms work in isolation[8] isolation exercise for biceps which makes them very effective in muscle hypertrophy and strength building.

Since you are not engaging any other muscle in this exercise, it will provide you the perfect bicep’s shape.

Eccentric Focused

Unlike the regular curls, Preacher Curl allows the practitioner to focus more on negative movement.

Due to its’ stability, you can increase the time under the eccentric phase. Eccentric is a part when you lower the weight and extend your arms.

The slow and controlled eccentric part is very important in bodybuilding, it helps to effectively engage the muscle, great for muscle hypertrophy, and reduces the risk of injuries.[9] eccentric movement

Variations of Preacher Curl

variations of preacher curl

Over Hand Grip

In the regular preacher curl, we use the underhand grip but in this, you have to do them with an overhand grip.

This variation will help you to engage your forearms to great extent. Use of the EZ bar will provide you the best result. Although you can use any type of bar for it, they will also have a great result.

Many people consider a straight bar as a sign of discomfort, it hurts their wrist, shoulder, and elbows. For those who are facing this problem, you can opt for an EZ bar. [10] EZ bar benefits

Zottman Preacher Curl

  • Sit on the curl bench and hold the dumbbells in both of the hands.
  • Lift as same as you lift in the dumbbell preacher curls.
  • Pause at the top and feel the contraction in the biceps.
  • While lowering your arms, rotate your hand. So, your palms are no more facing you, and then extend your arm.

Do 3sets of 10 curls with low to medium weight.

Key Notes

Preacher Curl is a great exercise for the biceps, it is easy to do, has a lesser chance of injuries, controlled movement, and many more advantages.

These can be done in two variations – the first one is overhand grip curl and the second one is zottman preacher curl.

Try all the exercises and add any variation that you love the most to your gym routine.

Stay Healthy!


This article provides general information only. It would be better if you consult an expert. It is not a substitute for an expert at all.


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