home made protein shake

Home Made Protein Shake

Here we will discuss, How to make Protein Shake At Home in your budget and if your family is against the consumption of Supplements, this Home Made Protein Shake will provide you enough macronutrients that you need for consumption.

Diet is very important if we talk about fitness. It plays a major role in transforming our bodies. We don’t have enough money for diet is a very bad excuse. You can easily manage your diet under your budget.

Necessary Ingredients:

2 Bananas,

1 Glass Milk (300ml),

2 Spoon of Peanut butter and

Few Almonds

Put all of them in a container and mix them well (using mixer or blender).

Pour it in a glass and add oats to it, Oats will add a little crunch to it, and Fiber too, which will improve your digestive system.

It will give you around:

25grams Protein

45grams Carbohydrates

20grams Healthy Fat

And if you are new to the bodybuilding field and just set up a home gym or you just started focusing on your health, your body can easily digest 25grams of protein at one serving.

You can have it twice a day but avoid having it just after your workout as it contains a lot of fat.

Change the fruit if you want. You can also use Apple instead of Bananas.

If you want to store it for a few days, the above case will not work for you. To store it for a few days, it should be dry.

How to store Protein shake for a few days

Necessary Ingredients:


Roasted Peanuts


Ground Nuts

(50 to 100 grams each)

30 grams of Flax Seeds (linseed)

Grind them well, and your Home Made Protein Shake is ready to store. You can drink it with water and milk too.

Keep in mind that you can increase or decrease the quantity as per your budget and appetite.

Only make it for a week otherwise, it will get spoil and store it in an airtight container at room temperature.

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