food we should avoid in winters

Foods We Should Avoid In Winters

We all love winter season and if you are a foodie, winter is probably your favourite season as it offer a lot of delicious food, seasonal fruits and a lot more.

Environment out there is very beautiful in winters. Everyone become lazy in the winter season, everyone wants to stay in the blanket whole day.

Winters come with many festivals too and festivals mean celebration, food, sweets and fun. And it is obvious to eat junk, oily and sweets in that festivals.

Everyone is well aware of best food to eat in winters i.e. Makke Ki Roti and Sarso Ka Saag. But nobody talks about food we should avoid.

Here is Top 10 Foods we should avoid in winters:

Dairy Products

dairy products

Dairy Products like Milk, Curd, Creame etc. are cold in nature and they also contribute to Mucus formation in our body which cause congestion and may leads to cold and fever.

If you are one of them who easily get cold or you have Asthama or any other respiratory disease then you should definitely avoid dairy products.

Even in summers, best time to eat curd is at lunch, so avoid eating curd in nights in summers too.

Tea and Coffee

This is a common practice to drink tea/coffee to keep ourself warm. But we did not gave much attention to facts and do keep on drinking a lot of tea/coffee.

These have caffeine and caffeine have dehydrating effect on our body, it makes our body to urinate more often and on top of it we don’t drink much water in the winter.

So, best practice is to replace a cup of tea/coffee with hot water, it will keep us warm and hydrating.

White Bread

 In summers, we love to eat ‘Bread Pakoras’ . But just for our craving for junk we are accidentally deteroiting our health.

White Bread is high in Sodium, and high sodium intake increases the blood pressure and leads to many heart related diseases.

Moreover, we don’t sweat much in winters, so sodium loss is less as compared to summers.

Dietary Guidelines For Americans recommends limiting sodium intake to less than 2300mg per day – that’s equal to about 1 teaspoon of salt.[1]

They are high in sugar too, do you know high sugar intake can weakens our immune system?

 Yes, you read it right  high sugar intake weakens our immune system and we get prone to many diseases out there.



We should avoid eating Asparagus in winters. Asparagus is found in spring season. Although they are also available in winters but they are not fresh.

And it benefits the most if eaten fresh. It is one of the foods we should avoid in winters.

So, replace these stick like green vegetables with green leafy vegetables and eat them fresh. Ex- “Sarso ka Saag” is very popular and tasty.


Winters come with festivals, and we can’t assume any festival without sweets. And as I mentioned earlier high sugar intake lower our immune system.

And we also get flu more often in winters. High sugar make us prone to diseases. So next time if you eat sweet, try to limit your intake or not eat at all.


Winter causes congestion and stuffy nose.

And pepper works best for stuffy nose, it clear the sinus but it is not good for our stomach. Spicy food can create trouble for your stomach.

You better replace pepper with some other warm food if you are dealing with sinus.

Processed foods

 You should avoid eating processed food in winters, as it takes more time to digest these food which makes us feel bloated and tired.

Moreover, we don’t do much physical activity in winters. We like to chill in our blanket. And It can affect our digestion and we will gain weight too.

Soft drink and Ice creams

When we eat chilled foods like soft drink and ice creams. Our Body has to work as twice as hard to bring it up to body temperature.

On top of it they are high in sugar, and high sugar level weakens our immune system, we have already discuss it.



Noodles may be easy to cook but they are not healthy for our body. They are made up of white flour. And white flour is high in saturated fat and simple carbohydrates.

In winter season, we are not much physically active, high amount of simple carb and saturated fat can make us fat.

White Flour contains Sodium, and as I mentioned earlier high sodium intake increases the blood pressure and leads to many heart related diseases.


This may sound funny but actually we spend big amount of money on outside junk and packaged food. Packed food and junk, we all know is not good for our health.

So, better replace it with home made food it save your money and health too.

Foods We Should Avoid In Winters – Summary

We should avoid eating food which are high in salt(sodium) such as white bread and noodles. Replace Asparagus with other green vegetables like spinach. Dairy products increase mucus formation, so we should definitely limit its’ consumption. Limit the intake of sugar in winters. Processed food and spicy may be tasty but they are not good for our digestion. These are the foods we should avoid in winters.


This article provides general information only. It would be better if you consult a medical expert and It is not a substitute of medical expert advice.


[1] FDA report on sodium intake.

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