burpees for fat loss

Burpees For Fat Loss, Quick and Simple

Burpees for fat loss work great. It is one of the best ways to lose fat quickly, not only it burns fat it also helps to gain muscles.

It is a full-body workout which calls upon many muscle group at the same time, this makes the heart to work more to supply oxygenated blood to those tissues.
During burpees, you breathe very fast, which helps to increase lung volume thus, it is good for your lungs too.

Many people whether they are celebrities, sportspersons, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone else, all love the Burpee.
In many Schools and Colleges, when they organize fitness week, Burpees are considered as a parameter for students’ fitness level.
But sometimes, they also give punishment to Burpees.

Although at that time, I used to think that it is punishment, now I realized that Burpees are not less than a blessing.
So, let’s do it, Stand up and take your position to do burpees.

How To Do Burpees?

burpees for fat loss

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, lower your body down while bending your knees (like you are squatting) and place both hands flat on the ground beneath you.

Push by the feet to jump and extend your leg fully to fall in the plank position.

Jump again and bring your legs near the hand. Get back to the start position, that’s how you perform burpees for fat loss and muscle building.

How many sets and reps?

You can do burpees in 2 ways

Time-Based – Set a timer for 1min. and try to do burpees as many as you can.

Repetition Based – Do 3 sets of 10 reps that would be enough for the first day.

Don’t forget to increase the timing and repetitions as you progress.

You can also increase its’ intensity by doing a pushup when you fall into the plank position.

Benefits of Burpees:

Faster Fat Loss

Burpees For Fat Loss works great, it will help you to cut fat very fast. Try to add burpees to your routine and you feel definitely see the change in yourself in just 30 days.

It will benefit you the most if you do them at the end of your workout, it will have a similar result as cardio has.

Cardiovascular Strength

As I mentioned earlier Burpees are a compound movement that engages many major muscle groups at the same point. Your heart must work hard to supply oxygenated blood to tissues. It is one of the best exercises to improve your cardiovascular strength.

Toned Body

As you do the Burpees regularly then your body will become leaner and toned day by day. You will definitely lose fat, gain muscles and you will see the noticeable muscle size on your body.

Strengthen The Body

As I already mentioned that Burpees are full-body workout, it engages our chest, arms, quads, glutes, shoulder, and hamstring. Since it is functional (strengthen our body to do daily activity easily) exercise makes our daily activity easy.

It engages all the major muscle right from the shoulder to toe and make them stronger.

No Equipment Needed

You can do burpees at home any time without any equipment (no resistance band, no kettlebell, no dumbells), the only thing you need is the willingness that I know you have, as you came so far.


You no more need to commute to the gym to work on your fitness, you can do it at your home itself. Because you are not going anywhere it will save you time too.

Cheaper Option

We all know how expensive a gym membership is. Everyone can’t afford it. Moreover, it is not a prerequisite to pay to work on our fitness. You don’t even need a resistance band to do it.

You can start it at your home with zero expense on a gym membership.

 Better Cardio Session

This is one of the underrated advantages of burpees. You can do burpees at the end of your training session and it will work like cardio. Burpees at the end of the workout session will ultimately help you lose fat fast.

Key Notes

Burpees for fat loss and muscle building is a very good exercise which you can start without any cost at the comfort of your home. I know exercise is never comfortable but it well worth it in the end, you will receive the compliment like

“HEY, how you managed to make your body lean”.

“Tell me your fitness tips”

“You are so fit”. Etc. And everyone love compliments.

Not only the compliments will make you feel better, it will become your favorite exercise. What are you waiting for, start doing burpees and make your body leaner, fit, and muscular?

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